On The Mission

As Christians we must learn to live “On the Mission” daily for the glory of God. By “Missional” I mean living out the Great Commission as defined in Matthew 28:18-20. To be missional means to make God known through both words and action.

Does this mean traveling overseas? It can, and very likely will, at least for some of us. But mostly the mission means taking initiative to be involved in the Great Commission.  “On the Mission” will be targeting women, their families and the nations they represent, mobilizing and impacting them through understanding and prayer. Opportunities are provided for each of you to engage in mission by supporting and praying for women across the world regularly.

Our prayers are enriched and become more specific and effective through understanding and relationship. Therefore, “On the Mission”, Breaking Bread” and “Books” are divided into groups according to nations. In this way, as you read, learn and study about women, their families, and their nations, you will become more effective in both how to pray and what to pray.

We must live “on purpose” for His glory, reflecting His heart for the world. My greatest hope is that women will connect globally through prayer and support, one for another, and that these prayers will empower other women to rise in Christ’s authority, tear down the strongholds that bind them and fulfill the mission God has planned for each of them. You can make a difference right now! Empower women through prayer and make a difference for kingdom glory!

Please join us “On the Mission”!