Pray for the Rohingya: 270,000 flee Myanmar

Another quarter of a million people, the Rohingya (see link below), on the move and added to an already expansive refugee population. There seems to be a shaking across the world in so many areas. How do we as Christians respond?
Please pray:
1) that your hearts will not grow cold to the suffering of people, no matter their nation or people group.
2) that God may use you to make a difference.
3) that God may give you the strength and courage to rise from your comfort zone and branch out in faith and in service to the many lost and hurting people; even in ways you’ve never done before.
5) that you may give generously: financially, physically and prayerfully.
4) that God may soften your heart and give you His love for all people.

According to God’s word… all peoples, all tribes and all nations are
His people (Rev 7:9) Shouldn’t we invariably reflect the character of the one we follow? In His love, shouldn’t our mandate be His mandate?

May we seek you deeper Lord and reflect the character of you in all that we do.