Intimacy With Grace

Our valley churches are joining together in a 21 day fast. A fast is a way of expressing a greater need beyond ourselves, our need of God and greater intimacy with Him. There is so much more I could say on the subject, but essentially its a surrender, a renewal, a relinquishing of self, and a pressing in to the very heart of God.
During a fast there comes a moment when you have to come clean with God. A moment when you need to unveil your secrets, struggles, and sins. A moment when you need to fall full weight on the grace of God.
Sometimes the conviction and grace of God becomes skewed in our minds turning to guilt and condemnation of ourselves and our weaknesses. With vain efforts, we may feel compelled to whitewash ourselves before God or others, or we may find ourselves slipping into a guilt pool of our own making.
My friends, why do we act as though our sin disqualifies us from the grace of God? That is the only thing that qualifies us! Anything else is a self-righteous attempt to earn God’s grace. You cannot trust God’s grace 99 percent. It’s all or nothing. When we try to save ourselves, we forfeit the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ alone, by grace through faith. (Eph 2:8-9).