Why Read???

Jesus is by far the greatest storyteller of all time!  His story began in Genesis 1, had its climax at the cross, and has not been finished as yet. The simple story style of His parables captured our hearts and minds, and transported us into a deeper understanding of His Word and His love for us.

Why is the Bible so full of stories? Because Jesus knew that we would relate more readily to stories than in any other way. He created us to be people of stories. Therefore, we learn more thoroughly from stories. For example, we learn much more about the love of God from the Biblical story of Hosea than we do from the simple statement, “God is love.” We learn much more about what a marital relationship can be from the Song of Solomon than by just reading, “Husbands, love your wives.” God knew that He created us to be people of stories. This category provides a list of books to hasten your learning and your understanding of other nations as you continue to grow in Christ. It is my hope that in this understanding, you will reach out to pray and support women across the nations; sharing with one another, standing for one another, fighting for one another, unified in Spirit, Indestructible Daughters!