Not Out But “Through” It

“When you walk “through” the fire, you shall not be burned.” (Isaiah 43:2)
“Through” the fire, not around it, not beside it, and not outside it. Before God changes our circumstances, He often uses our circumstances to change us.

It is true that God has promised to deliver us from difficulties, but not necessarily on our preferred timeline or by our design. God wants to do more than just deliver us. He wants to develop us into His image and to strengthen and empower us for His kingdom work. Notice how often the word “through” is used in Scripture as you read below:

To get to the Promised Land, Israel had to go “through” the Red Sea, “through” the wilderness, and “through” the Jordan River. In this situation God allowed His people to go through many hardships as He worked to transform them from slaves of Egypt to men and women of Godly design.

Heidi Baker, a missionary in Mozambique once did a teaching on Psalm 84. She had been “through” numerous trials and much suffering on the mission field. Many times she and her husband had almost been killed. She shared how God had helped them “through” these hardships. Their path was long and difficult and still they stood before us sharing their lives in strength and joy. Psalm 84:5-7 states: “As they pass “through” the Valley of Baca [brokenness, loss, grief, and weeping] they make it a spring…they go from strength to strength”.

I love the hope and power instilled in those words… “from strength to strength.”
No matter how tragic the circumstances, when my father died, my mother died, when my baby girl died, when I was frightened, alone, and penniless as a young woman, God met my needs. He carried me and He will carry you…”through” it all. When we embrace him and yield ourselves in absolute surrender to Him, He, in His mercy and grace takes us from strength to strength.

“When you pass “through” the waters, I will be with you; and “through” the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk” through” the fire, you shall not be burned” (Isaiah 43:2). The refiner knows how long the ore must stay in the fire to produce gold. The potter knows how long the clay must stay on the wheel to become a thing of value, beauty, and usefulness. Be comforted this day my friends, our Father God is working for you, “through” you and in you. If you’re crying out right now, ‘ God help me get “through” this.’
Be strengthened. Rejoice! There’s abounding hope in the word “through”.

Praying for you,