Peace Be Still

Emotions are high right now and the enemy’s roaring! A vomit of screaming, shouting, blame, rage, violence, shock and despair to name a few. It’s a horrible shakening, it’s true! But please be careful not to entangle yourself too much in the darkness…it’s overwhelming and it’s horrible. However the devil would like nothing more than for you to get angry, frustrated, violent and depressed. He wants you to give up on this nation and this world. Please don’t do it. Please don’t make the enemy smile. We serve the God of hope that counters and prevails over anything the enemy conspires to do. So stop yourself and look up. The greatest fighting you can do right now is to pray. As difficult as it is, you cannot let yourself be distracted or consumed by this evil. The enemy wants to seize and destroy you, your family, and your friends. The devil wants to destroy everything that God values. He wants to fill you with his venom so that you will be poisoned from the inside. Don’t let him. It will tear you away from God. Some may think that people like me are really doing nothing if we’re not out there shouting and lavishing in opinions . However, prayer is the greatest tool for weaponry that you could ever have. If you really believe that, if you really know the power and authority you have through Christ, you’d be on your knees right now, not engaging in the arguments . As hard as it may seem, look up and pray. Don’t be part of the banter. It’s just noise and chaos in the ears of God. The only people listening are the worldly angry masses. The Bible says we are in the world but not of the world. Let’s not become it. The enemy’s roaring beside us but his ultimate goal is to roar through us… don’t let it be you!