Robust Women Of Faith

Today women long for a robust Christianity that not only challenges minds, but one that calls us to kingdom action! In these difficult times a mild spiritual diet will certainly not sustain us in the kinds of battles God is calling us to engage. 
Women want and need to know God in much deeper ways. We don’t want to play at our Christianity when the gospel calls us to arm ourselves and to stand firm against the Enemy. God doesn’t call his daughters to be spectators, but active participants in his mission for the world.

We want to hear about the Jesus who demanded loyalty, who commanded authority from storms, sinners and satanic forces, who said vexing and frustrating and wild things! We want to hear preaching that is not just faithful to His words but to His TONE: of comfort but also of rebuke, of welcome but also of warning. We want to hear His dares, His call to come and die, His challenge to make hard choices. We want the Jesus of the gospels who does not just meet our needs, but who calls us to bold and courageous adventure, to self-sacrifice, to taking risks.

We want to hear a true gospel that is not blinded in prosperity, racism, gender bias or inequity; not a gospel enslaved by culture, tradition, and antiquities. We want to hear the full gospel of Jesus that leaves us aching for His perfect will and burning with a passion to complete it.

We want the Jesus who promises huge rewards for huge sacrifices, who embraces feisty Peter and wayward Mary Magdalene in same.
We want the Jesus who welcomed the little children, but also the Jesus with eyes like a flame of fire, with feet of burnished bronze and a sharp two-edged sword coming out of his mouth. Whatever that wild imagery means, we want to grapple with it. We want the Jesus who inspires awe and calls forth our worship: a gospel from The Gospels. That’s the Jesus we want! That’s the Jesus we need: the one who is worthy of the honor, adoration and allegiance of all men and women in kind!

Catch The Glory

In the glory there is peace, understanding, and fullness of joy, may He catch you in the GLORY this day:

My Child whom I love, today I want to tell you…

“My Kingdom will prevail. It advances in spite of storms, winters, seasons of mourning, and seasons of love. Nothing will deflect it.

My kingdom advances both in the harvest and the famine, churning and shifting the ground below it and the sky above.

My kingdom alters the face of the earth and all that are enslaved within her.

Those within the kingdom are transformed anew.

Their bodies molded like clay into forms I had designed and declared before the creation of mankind and the earth.

Surrender is there in the making of them.

Surrender yields up the worn and the broken to the master who creates a new likeness,

likened to His own.

Emotions are set aback in the wave of My great love.”

“Yield yourself to my advancements,” He says to me.

“As the Kingdom grows, you too will grow.

As the Kingdom advances you too will advance by my Spirit.

The way is long and narrow, but all of your steps are marked by Me.

Though you are worn and weary, I will make peace your headdress.

I will wash you in the unspeakable joy of my love.

Await Me.”


“Father, Father,” I call out to You.

“I await.”

In the distance the shofar sounds.

I hear it.

Its echo lingers in the hope of You.

In the wake of it, the shofar sounds again.

I am with Him.


Father, May we all be caught up in the glory of You every moment of our lives.


But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18