Don’t Waste Your Life

The American dream beckons people to spend their lives on trivial diversions, slipping through life caught up with seeking success, comfort, and pleasure above all else. But God designed people for far more than this. In this best-selling book, John Piper makes a passionate plea to the next generation to avoid the dangers of a wasted life, calling us to take risks and make sacrifices that matter for eternity — with a single, soul-satisfying passion for the glory of God that seeks to make much of him in every sphere of our lives.

Miraculous Movements

How do the people most resistant to the transformative power of the gospel come to be its most devoted followers? Miraculous Movement recounts an amazing change taking place within Muslim communities where the truth of Jesus Christ is turning around the lives of many thousands of Muslims from more than twenty people groups. Discover through the sometimes humorous, often sobering, but always enlightening and encouraging true stories how imams, sheikhs, and entire mosques are forsaking Islam and embracing Christ.


The Hospital By The River

An amazing story about the women of  Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia! A must read!….. When gynecologists Catherine and Reg Hamlin left their home in Australia for Ethiopia, they never dreamed that they would establish what has been heralded as one of the most incredible medical programs in the modern world. But more than forty years later, the couple has operated on more than 20,000 women, most of whom suffer from obstetric fistula, a debilitating childbirth injury. In this awe-inspiring book, Dr. Catherine Hamlin


recalls her life and career in Ethiopia. Her unyielding courage and solid faith will astound Christians worldwide as she talks about the people she has grown to love and the hospital that so many Ethiopian women have come to depend on.

There Is No Me Without You

There Is No Me Without You is the story of Haregewoin Tefarra, a middle-aged Ethiopian woman of modest means whose home has become a refuge for hundreds of children orphaned by AIDS. It is a story as much about the power of the bond between children and parents as about the epidemic that every year leaves millions of children, mostly healthy themselves, without family. Originally a middle-class woman with a happy family life, Haregewoin fell into a deep depression after the death of her recently married daughter. But then a priest brought her two children, AIDS orphans, with nowhere to go. Unexpectedly, the children thrived, and Haregewoin found herself drawn back into daily life. In Haregewoin Tefarra’s story, Greene gives us an astonishing portrait of a woman fighting a continent-wide epidemic. A powerful read!

A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is drawing Muslims around the world to faith in Jesus Christ

Dr. David Garrison’s long-awaited global survey of Muslim movements to Christ reveals that we are in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history. Garrison’s core question: “What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ? Tell me your story.” The result is the most extensive survey of Muslim movements to Christ ever achieved. This is a fabulous book, extremely insightful. I strongly recommend it!

Captive in Iran

Enter Evin, the notorious Tehran prison, and witness two Christian women bring light and grace to one of the world’s darkest places. Recounting their 259 days in captivity, Rostampour and Amirizadeh share how they offered God’s love and compassion to their guards and fellow prisoners, and how strangers from around the world fought for their release.You will love this book!

Half The Sky

Half The Sky

Half The Sky is a passionate call to arms against our era’s most pervasive human rights violation: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.

Undertake an odyssey through Africa and Asia to meet the extraordinary women struggling there, among them a Cambodian teenager sold into sex slavery and an Ethiopian woman who suffered devastating injuries in childbirth.

Through these stories and others, authors, Kristof and WuDunn, help us realize that the key to economic progress lies in unleashing women’s potential. Half The Sky is a heart-wrenching, eye-opening must read!


Radical by David Platt

In Radical, David Platt challenges us to consider how we have manipulated the gospel to fit our cultural preferences. He shows what Jesus actually said about being his disciple, then invites us to believe and obey what we have heard. He encourages us to join in The Radical Experiment; a one-year journey in authentic discipleship that will transform how we live in a world that desperately needs the Good News of Jesus.Truly inspiring!

The Apostle … A Life of Paul

The Apostle … A Life of Paul by John Pollock

Perhaps one of the most influential people in church history, Paul was instrumental in spreading the gospel throughout the Roman Empire. Pollock combines a storyteller’s gift with a scholar’s insight to create a fast-paced narrative of the apostle’s life, from his stoning of Stephen and conversion to his missionary journeys and execution. Although only one section in the book is devoted to Paul’s shipwreck on Malta, it is well worth the read. This book is truly exceptional. My husband and I have both read it! We read it right before we went to Malta in June 2014. God’s perfect timing!

City on Fire: A Novel of Pompeii

City on Fire: A Novel of Pompeii by Tracy Higly is an exciting, empowering book for women.  Ariella has been taken captive by the Romans after the fall of Jerusalem and made a slave. As the volcano Vesuvius churns, a slave girl-turned-gladiator in Pompeii joins forces with an unlikely source to seek justice. In the coastal town of Pompeii, a new gladiator prepares to fight. But this gladiator hides a deadly secret: she’s a runaway Jewish slave girl named Ariella, disguised as a young boy. A savvy fighter, Ariella determines to triumph in the arena, knowing her life will be forfeit should anyone uncover the truth. This book is historical fiction at it’s finest! Exciting! An excellent read!