Expectant Hope

As strangely as it sounds, I’ve been pondering “ hope” in the context of “semicolons” as of late. Yes I know it’s a bit peculiar, but here goes:

The semicolon tells you that there is still some further response or addition to the preceding full sentence; something is still to be added. I’d have to say I’m a bit more intrigued when coming across a semicolon than a period. Perhaps it’s because as a person of this culture, I’m generally enamored with the quest for “more”.

On the other hand, the period is so matter of factly; it tells you that that is that. If you didn’t get all that you expected, you still have to move along. It’s finished. You’re done. There’s simply no more.

But with a semicolon, there’s a pleasant feeling of expectancy; there is always something more to come, as if to say, “Continue on my friend, it will become clearer soon”.

I love how “hope” through Jesus always finishes with a semicolon; there is always a certainty, an expectancy, that “more” is yet to come. I’m so glad I don’t live my life in periods. Every day with Jesus is an abundant life of semicolons. With Jesus there is always more; His additions are purposeful and limitless, filling completely that cry for “more” that clamors within me, and within all of us, as only He can do.

Blessings friends,