The Challenge of Obedience

As Christians our general expectation is that if we just obey God and do what He tells us to do, then circumstances, although difficult, will somehow work out in the end. In the macro sense, that statement is certainly true. Ultimately, obedience to God is always the best choice. However, it is that little word “ultimately” that causes us to stumble. Taking giant steps of faith in a direction we believe to be right and then watching the results plummet can certainly challenge our faith. Obedience may seem quite unpleasant to us when we try to do the right thing and our efforts seem to explode in our face. We take a giant step forward, obey God with as much courage as we can muster, and still we end up frustrated and wondering if we read Him wrong. It’s easy in many cultures to view ourselves as the center of the universe. We may spend hours seeking God on behalf of our family, our job, our education, and our future plans. But, life simply doesn’t begin and end with us. Our needs and wants should not be the focal points of our lives and our prayers. As the cliché goes: if you start with “you,” you’ll end with “you” and you will accomplish little—starting with yourself and your problems can lead to confusion and to more discouragement. However, starting with God, laying it all at His feet, leads us to the only solid ground we’ll ever know. 

Indestructible Daughters

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